"Altheresa courses have helped me scale my business to six-figures"

- C.Roberts

Meet Altheresa

Altheresa believes that every single person has been placed on this earth with a purpose and her goal is to support individuals in their pursuit of that purpose.

In which this ignited the passion that she has now to not only help, but to be a voice for those who suffer with mental illness. She wants to not only inspire, heal, and motivate the clients that she works with but to leave a positive imprint on their lives. She not only works with clients with mental illness but with women who struggle with their God-given purpose in life. She is the author of “Finding the Missing Part of Me 31-Day Journal to Self-Discovery”.

Altheresa’s Courses Are for You If...

  • You’re dedicated to personal and professional development.
  • You want to make a meaningful difference in your field.
  • You appreciate learning from an experienced professional.
  • You seek real-world, actionable insights.
  • You want guidance tailored to your needs.

Altheresa’s Courses Are NOT for You If...

  • You’re not willing to invest time and effort in your growth.
  • You prefer learning from unproven sources.
  • Your goals don’t involve making a positive impact.
  • You’re not interested in practical application.
  • You prefer one-size-fits-all solutions.

Have Questions?

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